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Safety Officer | Accountant | Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)

SCG Career Roadshow

The SCG Career Roadshow is part of SCG’s recruitment program by hosting roadshows at universities across Thailand, with an aim to communicate with graduating students about career opportunities at SCG and recruit interested people to join our growing team. The SCG Career Roadshow is targeted at undergraduate and graduate students who are in their final year. The roadshows also share experiences and advice students will find to be useful when they enter the professional world.

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SCG Internship

SCG extends an invitation to students from all departments studying at any university to join us as a trainee as part of our SCG Excellent Internship Program and SCG Co-Operative Education Program, our internship programs during school terms. Throughout your time with us, you will have an opportunity to learn new things, develop new skills, and gain hands-on experience, all of which will equip you for your future careers. Trainees are encouraged to think, be creative, learn about innovation and good governance, so that they will become a driving force behind the development of our country in the years to come.

Life at SCG

At the heart of SCG’s corporate culture lies SCG People, who are committed to the four core values and are “Open & Challenge”. They are the force behind our success on the regional level and our position as a desirable and innovative workplace. The company is a role model for corporate governance and sustainable development as per the SCG 2015 vision. The four core values that are passed down from generation to generation.