1 Where can I get more information about the SCG Career Roadshow?

You can get updates about the SCG Career Roadshow activities http://www.scg.com/career as well as from the activity calendar at your university.

2 What is the objective of the SCG Career Roadshow ?

The objective of the SCG Career Roadshow is to recruit the right candidates to join our team (only for 4 th year students).

3 What are the activities under the SCG Career Roadshow ?

The first part is the Register Zone: , in which you can register for a chance to work with SCG and receive a 700 baht discount for TOEIC test fee (from the full price of 1,500 baht, discounted to 800 baht). Students who register can use the discounts for an unlimited amount of times during a three-month period.

The second part is the Game Zone: join fun activities and win prizes from SCG. Successful candidates who meet the requirements of our job openings at the time of the roadshow will receive an email invitation to join our next activity which is the SCG presentation, a showcase of SCG’s vision, company information, career opportunities, salary packages and salary benefits, as well as Career Counselling & Screening activities.

4 How do I get the discount for the TOEIC test fee?

When you apply for a job at SCG by pre-registering online athttp://www.scg.com/career or at the booth at your university, you will receive a discount for the TOEIC test fee. One week after registration, applicants can call to apply to take the TOEIC test. You will be sent SMS and email confirmations. The discount can be used for an unlimited amount of times (800 baht per time) during a period of three months from the date you apply for a job at SCG. The discounts can be used at the test centers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Please inform the officer that you are applying under the SCG Career Roadshow. Show a valid national ID card on the day of the test. The discount cannot be transferred to another person. Test result can be obtained in person at the TOEIC test centre. The test result can't be used for job applications with other companies.

5 When is the SCG Career Roadshow going to be held?

Due to differences in university graduating times, SCG has adjusted the application and selection process to be more flexible as follows:
- Pre-registration is open from September onwards
- Counselling & screening takes place from September through January
- The final interview takes place from January onwards

6 Where can I apply to participate in the SCG Career Roadshow

You can apply in advance by logging on to http://www.scg.com/career Select the New Graduate menu and fill in your information in Apply Now. You can apply during the designated period

7 What are the requirements?

Applicants must be in their final year of the program. The minimum GPA for Bachelor is 2.70 and 3.30 for Master degree. Male applicants must have gone through military training and be able to present a Reserved Force certificate. Those who do not meet these criteria, for example, those who have already graduated for one year or more, currently working or unemployed, may apply by going through the normal recruitment process.

8 Applicants who have not been scheduled for the Counselling & Screening process on the given dates may have a chance to be scheduled an appointment at a later date?

Should any future vacancies be suitable for your qualifications, you may be contacted for an appointment. In the meantime, applicants may prepare by taking the TOEIC test and achieving the required minimum score of 550.

9 What do I need to prepare for the Counselling & Screening process?

You may learn about SCG business operations and find the jobs you’re interested in. Practicing on your presentation skill in preparation of the initial interview may also be useful. You will be given an overview about the business operations of SCG. SCG employees will also be giving counselling and advice about their roles and responsibilities. Applicants then go through a screening process.

10 What happens after the Counselling & Screening process?

You will not receive any feedback from the Counselling & Screening process. Successful applicants will be notified by SMS, email, or telephone to be invited to an interview which takes place around mid-January onwards. (SCG will contact candidates who meet the requirements of the job vacancies at the time, depending on our business needs. Each job vacancy has different interview timing). Before attending your interview, please prepare the following documents (digital files and hard copies).
- A resume with a photograph
- A “Who am I” form
- Your transcript
- A copy of your house registration, ID card
- A copy of your TOEIC test result
- A certificate of military training (for male applicants)

11 What are the selection criteria for a job interview?

1. You must be in your final year and studying in a field that matches SCG’s requirements.
2. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and 3.3 for Bachelor and Master degree respectively. Male applicants must present a certificate of military training.
3. A minimum TOEIC score of 550 will be considered first.
4. You must take the SCG Psychological Test. The company reserves the rights to notify the applicant of his/ her test results. Successful candidates will be contacted individually to attend the next round.

12 If I can’t attend the Counselling & Screening process and the interview on the scheduled date and time, can I reschedule?

You may contact us and inform us of a convenient date and time for our consideration.

13 My GPA is 2.68 (accumulated over 7 semesters), can I attend the interview?

You may not attend the interview. We consider the GPA of your most recent semester. If your GPA for the final semester is at 2.7 or more, please send your updated transcript to us as per the following conditions:
- Applicants who apply online at http://www.scg.com/career can edit their information online as per the instructions given on the Web site.
- Applicants who apply at the SCG Career Roadshow booth can email your updated transcript to scgcareer@scg.com

14 Can I attend an interview without a TOEIC test score?

Yes you can, but we will consider candidates with a minimum TOEIC score of 550 first.

15 Why do I have to choose an SCG Business Unit when I apply?

Each of our business units has different job vacancies and requirements. Applicants are encouraged to learn basic information about SCG’s business operations from the corporate Web site or job vacancy brochures to help them decide on the right job vacancy and business unit.

16 What’s the process after the interview?

You will be informed of the result within two weeks. If you pass the interview, you will be asked to decide whether or not to accept the job offer within two weeks. If you pass the interview but do not have a valid TOEIC test score, you will be given one month to take the test. After a medical check-up, the successful candidate is to contact the HR department of your original affiliation to sign your employment contract.

17 Is it imperative I start work in June?

We will consider the urgency of your line manager and your reasons for not being able to start working. If your job position urgently requires to be filled, the next candidate may be contacted. Upon your return or readiness to commence working, you will be considered for a job vacancy that fits your qualifications.