1 What are the requirements for participants in the SCG Excellent Internship Program?

Application to join the program starts in September throughout November every year. Requirements are as follows:
1. Application open for Thai and ASEAN students
2. At the time of the application, the candidate must be a 3rd year student studying at any university in Thailand
3. The candidate must have an accumulated GPA of 3.00 or above up until the 4th or 5 th semester
4. The candidate is interested in joining an internship program in engineering, accounting, marketing or human resources management

2 What is the timeline of the program?

- Application is accepted from September until the early November - An announcement of shortlisted candidates is made in the middle of November - The written test is taken at the end of November - An announcement of shortlisted candidates for the interview round is made in the middle of December - Interviews are conducted in the middle of January - An announcement of successful candidates for the program is announced in February

3 What are the written tests for the SCG Excellent Internship Program?

The written test will be multiple choice questions. Test duration is 3 hours. The test is divided into two parts: 1. The competency test is in two areas as follows: - Engineering (for all engineering sectors) - Applied knowledge on management (for accounting, marketing, management, economics, political science, etc.) 2. The English language proficiency test is held at the end of October on the same day at test centers in Bangkok and regional test centers

4 What is the duration of The SCG Excellent Internship Program?

The internship program takes place during the summer break from the beginning of June until the beginning of August every year, for approximately 2.5 months.

5 Can I participate in The SCG Excellent Internship Program if I’m currently a 4th year student?

The SCG Excellent Internship Program is only available for 3rd year students.

6 Where can I apply and follow the announcements?

You can visit the Web site https://career.scg.com where the following announcements will be made:
1. An announcement of shortlisted candidates who are invited to take the written test will be posted around the end of December of every year.
2. An announcement of shortlisted candidates who are invited to the interviews will be posted around the end of January of every year.
3. An announcement of successful candidates who are invited to participate in the internship program will be posted around the end of February of every year.

7 How is the SCG Excellent Internship Program different from other internship programs?

The SCG Excellent Internship Program differs from other internship programs for the following reasons:
1. The program encourages learning through gaining hands-on experience and educates the participants on corporate governance, with an aim of creating not only skilled but also valuable people for the work force.
2. During the program, participants are assigned a mentor who will provide one-on-one advice and coaching.
3. Participants are encouraged to think creatively and win an Innovative Suggestion Award by submitting ideas.
4. Participants have an opportunity to learn how to manage their own business by collaborating with peers from other areas of expertise in the Business Game activity for a chance to win a Business Game Award.
5. Participants who win the Innovative Suggestion Award and the Business Game Award have an opportunity to join a field trip to visit an SCG entity abroad to learn about international business operations.

8 What are the benefits I will receive during my internship?

- A daily allowance of 500 baht
- Accommodation and transportation costs will be provided (in case your assignments are outside of Bangkok and for participants from outside of Bangkok who have their internship program at the headquarters in Bangkok)
- Medical care at the infirmary at the headquarters
- Group insurance policy (personal coverage of 400,000 baht)
- Company fitness and sports centers
- Discount for TOEIC test fee (worth 700 baht) - Certificate of internship

9 Application is open for students studying in what departments/ faculties?

The program welcomes students studying any of the following four areas, namely engineering (all majors), accounting, marketing, and human resources management. Students majoring in other areas which may be relevant such as economics (relevant to marketing) or political science (relevant to HR management) are also encouraged to apply.

10 My internship will be at which company in SCG?

Participants will intern at an SCG company under one of the three core businesses, namely SCG Packaging, SCG Chemicals and SCG Cement Building Materials.